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Moving to tumblr

Since it was announced by google that all blogger blogs with sexual content will be set to private in the following weeks, we all have to find a new home for our blogs.
For me that was a pretty easy decision because most of the places I go are already on tumblr.

I used this tool to transfer all my content to my tumblr blog:
Blogger to Tumblr
I'm not sure what will happen with all the picture-links once the old blog will be gone, but i guess i'll have to look into that when it's time to deal with it. In any case I'm going to make a complete backup somehow.

So from now on you can find my blogs under the following links:

Relattic Stills

Relattic Flash

Relattic Can't Move

I will do some design and function tweaking later.

Please only use these links from now on. I hope that everyone can move or recover all the content before it's too late.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Best Bimbofication Websites

UPDATE 2016: The complete updates list can be found on Relattic Tumblr !

You know I like the whole "good girl gone bimbo"-routine, but there's a big problem.
There's tons and tons of content about this out there, but i haven't found a place, where all these websites are linked. The TG community is organized much better, which is why I was into TG content in the first place.
So I thought about opening my own little link-library of good bimbo (non-tg) websites right here. This post will be updated whenever I find a website that I want to keep or recommend. I'm starting right now with a rather small collection, but I already know a few other pages to add soon.

Feel free to recommend sites for this list in the comments.

UPDATE 2016: The complete updates list can be found on Relattic Tumblr !




Checker 625


UPDATE 2016: The complete updates list can be found on Relattic Tumblr !

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Welcome to BimboTech (Part 2)

So i found a lot more time to myself than i thought i would, which made it possible for the next chapters of "Welcome to BimboTech" to come out a lot faster than i had expected.
The storyline of Janet and Lola are continued, as well as a new character "Flavio" is introduced to the story. I hope you enjoy the second part of this longterm story and forgive me for my imperfect english.  I'm doing my best. ;)

Part 2

Chapter 5

A slapping noise was heard in the BimboTech penthouse. Lola was penetrated into her pussy from behind like a naughty pet by Flavio, her fathers waiter. Her new big titties jiggled with every thrust and Lola couldn‘t help but moan like a slut in heat. She had never felt so alive in her entire life. Nothing else mattered. She just wanted this feeling of being fucked to last forever.
It had been a week since her unexpected transformation and she had spent every minute of the first day masturbating. It had been really hard to get back into the apartment before the sun came up. Everything had been so new and it kind of still was. Her hands were soon not enough anymore. She had searched the whole place for something to put into her vagina, but nothing seemed to do the trick. So when Flavio asked Lola if everything was alright and if she needed anything, she just jumped onto him and overpowered the poor guy. Her new assets had helped a lot as Flavio stared at her new tits and hips with lustful eyes.

He resisted at first and said things like „Miss, your father won‘t understand. At best, he‘ll just fire me, but he can do much worse to me than that. Please, don‘t do this to me. “ But once she had put his penis into her vagina, every resistance just seemed to stop. It had been her first sex and at first it had hurt a little, but the pain was soon replaced with the strongest sexual thrill she could ever imagine. Ever since then, Flavio never left her side. It was like he had become her personal slave, not that he had been anything else before, but now he was even more obedient. The way he looked at her was just strange - like he was madly in love with her.

So the next few days were just a matter of fucking in every possible position. When her father would come home late at night, Lola just pretended to be asleep and Flavio had to hide in the closet. But with every day that went by it was getting harder and harder to think about things like that until finally she totally forgot about it and was still in the living room when her father came home. Lola was really embarassed but what was even worse was the look on her fathers face.

„No No No Noooooo!“, she heard him scream in disbelieve. „No daddy“, Lola said. She had not called her father Daddy ever before. „It‘s not what it looks like. I just needed to get fucked so badly.“. Why had she just said that? She didn‘t mean to say that. Or did she? Damnit, it was so hard to think about hard stuff like that.

Her father stood there for another minute, while Flavio was still pounding her from behind. She couldn‘t make him stop. She didn‘t even want him to stop. She needed it. As her father came back to her senses, he pulled out some device and hit a big red button. An alarm bell rang and two very muscular guys soon entered the room, pulling Flavio away from her.

„Nooo, i need it.“, she heard herself scream as the guard lifted her over her shoulder. Her hands reached for thebig guys pants and slowly started stroking the area between his legs. She wanted to feel his big hard cock in her hand, but nothing moved. Wasn‘t she sexy enough for him? Suddenly she felt very unsecure. She realized that she needed to work on her sexappeal a lot, if she wanted to keep having sex on a regular basis.

„Where do you want her?“, the big guy said. She could feel that her father still wasn‘t quite himself.
Finally he said: „Bring her to the Prof. Bradley.“ The big guy answered: „He‘ll not be happy to be disturbed.“. Suddenly her father raged. „What did you just say? This is my daughter you are carrying.“ The big guy seemed initimated and just answered „Okay bodd, whatever you say“, as he carried her away.

Chapter 6

„What the fuck happened last night?“, was the first thing that came to Jane‘s mind. She felt strange, like she had a really strong hangover. But that couldn‘t be, because she never drank any alcohol. Blurry images of a party flashed in front of her eyes. She was laying in bed ad still felt clothes on her body, but she felt too ill to open her eyes. Everything seemed to spin around in her head. Another image came to her mind. It was the image of herself drinking a shot, but her fingers were manicured in this supposedly flashback. Jane felt very strange.

She slowly opened her eyes. It took her several minutes to realize that what she saw was indeed reality. What was she wearing? It looked like something Cindy would be wearing. What the fuck had happened last night??? At least she was in her own place. How did she get here? She wanted to rush to the mirror, but her body wouldn‘t move as fast as she wanted it to. Every muscle in her body felt strange. As she finally arrived at the mirror, Jane couldn‘t believe her eyes. Was this some sort of  trick? Cindy must have pulled a bad joke on her, because the face that looked back at her from the mirror, wasn‘t her own. it was that of a younger girl, more of a college girl than a grown up woman that she was. She looked like the kind of girl that Cindy was - she was wearing sexy striped lingerie that she would never wear unforced. Her hair seemed to have been dyed a little lighter, but only at the bottom end. It looked ridiculous. But the worst thing about the girl was that she was smiling like nothing in the world was wrong, her mouth always open in a big O-shape. She looked like some dumb bimbo. Somehow the girl in the mirror seemedto mimick all of Janetsmovements though. Was she still dreaming?

Janet looked down at herself, her eyes now much more accustomed to the light. Her skin seemed more toned that it had been yesterday and her breasts felt fuller, too. She reached for her face with her hands, so did the girl in the mirror. It felt as soft as it hadn‘t felt in years. To be precise, her whole body seemed to be a lot softer and Jane now also felt that her hips had been expanded a lot. Her hands slowly sensed her mouth, indeed being open like  the mirror image suggested.

She had to call Cindy.  She rushed to the phone as fast as she could, which was not fast at all. Every bone in her body hurt. As she reached for the phone, Jane saw a letter on the table, written in big pink letters. It started with „Heya girlfriend“, which was a clear sign that Cindy had written it. Jane read it out loud: „Wakey wakey sleepyhead. That was fun last night, wasn‘t it? Don‘t worry if you don‘t remember a lot. That happens when you first use our formula.“ The formula! That was it. Cindy had put in something in her water. Horrified by the fact that she had been poisoned, Jane kept reading: „Me and some other girlfriends brought you home last night. You have a nice place. It could use some more pink though. You must feel really bad right now. I remember how I felt the morning after my first dose. But don‘t worry, sweety. It‘ll soon be better. You just have to take another sip and everything will feel a lot better. I have left a bottle of it in the fridge. See ya on monday. XOXO Cindy.“ Jane was in rage. She needed to call the police, but soon realized that the phone line was dead and she had been locked in her apartment. She was kept ileagally in her own apartment. Jane sat down, only slowly understanding the situation she was in.

Hours went by and Jane still didn‘t feel better. She had found a pair of scissors in a drawer and had cut off the coloured hair, but the color reappeared on the hair that had been dark only a few minutes ago and her hair started to grow out again slowly, but a lot faster than it was supposed to be. Jane was hallucinating! Every minute it was harder to think straight and her illness became worse. After ten hours she finally gave up and approached the fridge. There was a big aluminium bottle with the BimboTech logo on it. Jane took a dip and in an instant she felt a lot better. The freshened feeling lasted only a few seconds though and soon everything was black again.

Chapter 7

Deep inside a dungeon Flavio awoke, his mind clear for the first time in a week. This stupid bitch had used some sort of hypnosis on him and he had been acting like her personal slave ever since. When her father had found out, they had taken her away. The only thing he remembered afterwards, was that someone pulled a bag over his head and he was borught away.

But now he was awake and he was himself again. He was in a very dark room and he couldn‘t move. His head still hurt and something very big and round was plugged in his mouth. He couldn‘t scream or move. He was trapped.

He realized that this must be Mr Campbells doing. He had told the girl that her father wouldn‘t understand, but she had continued anyways. He feared what would happen when Mr Campbell would finally turn on the lights. He had heared so many horrible things about the man that he had lost count. Every story was worse than the other. Some guy had been castrated, another had lost his tongue and really their crimes had been a lot less than having sex with the boss‘s daughter.

Flavio felt oddly naked in the dark. Ne knew he was wearing something but it felt oddly short, like it was only covering a small part of his body. 

Suddenly a voice echoed through the room, which let Flavio to the cononclusion that this was a really big room. „So you‘re awake.“, the voice said. Flavio recognized it as Mr Campbells voice. He wanted to beg for his forgiveness, but the mouthgag prevented him from saying anything. „So i hear you‘ve been stealing one of our newest formulas and then used it on my own daughter. Did you really think you would get away with that?“ It was even worse than Flavio had thought. The boss was blaming him not only for having sex with his daughter, but also for drugging her. He would have never done something like that. Sure, he didn‘t really like the ethics behind BimboTech, but if you worked at such a place you needed to learn to look away. He had always been good at looking away.

„Don‘t you think it‘s ironical how I ended up having a daughter in the first place? It was a sick joke that mother nature played on me. All the worrying about her health while at the same time I was building the strongest weapon against feminism? Well, i think i finally found a solution.“

In the distance Flavio could see a small lamp flickering. It slowly got brighter and once his eyes accustomed to the new light source, he saw his own body bonded to a wood frame. Flavio started to struggle to get free, but the more he tried, the more he realized that he had lost a lot of his strength. He feared to see what this sick guy had done to him.

The voice continued: „Not feeling so strong anymore, huh? So were was I? Oh right. So the solution to this whole misery seemed quite easy once I caught you two having sex on my living room floor. You thought you could beat me with my own weapons but you haven‘t seen anything yet.“

A light above his head slowly started to glow and made Flavio see his body for the first time. He looked down at himself. He had breasts! How the hell had that happened? As the light grew brighter, he recognized the breasts on his body. Of course he recognized them. They were the same breasts he had been sucking on for the last week. In horror, Flavio struggled as strong as he could but nothing seemed to help. He was suddenly aware of the small feminine body he now owned, the body of the
boss‘s daughter. He would be called Lola his entire life from now on. It was all so surreal and shocking.

He heard Mr Campbell laughing. „There‘s just one final ingredient. I will give you a taste of what you gave to my daughter. Only that your dose will be slightly higher.“ The laughing continued as the new Lola‘s body started to shake because of the sudden orgasms her body experienced because of the drug overdose she had just been drenched.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Welcome to BimboTech (Part 1)

Today, i've started a new project, which is a bit different than anything i've done before. I'm writing a longer story, which is currently planned to have at least three parts. Chapters are going to be as long as they need to be to fill out one FULL HD-Caption. I will have a lot of alone time in the next few weeks, which i'm going to use to continue the story, but i'm sure it will take at least two weeks until the next chapters will be ready.

Part 1

Chapter 1

Jane couldn‘t believe her eyes as she read the letter. She had just come out of college with a masters degree in micro biology and was already offered a job at the higher end of the salary range. She would be paid so much that she would even be able to pay back all her debts in just a couple of months. Since Jane‘s family hadn‘t been able to support her with money for her education, she sat on a large pile of debts to several banks, so being offered that much money was a relieve for her. She had suffered for so long and had spent the last five years studying, never leaving her dorm room for anything but lectures, but now her time had finally come and she would be rewarded for all that hard work.

Even though she had never heard of the company that offered her the job and a quick google search didn‘t bring any results either, she really wasn‘t that concerned as the company had offered her a long list of assurances and a guaranteed life-long salary. She would soon be a wealthy woman so she agreed to a meeting with her new boss to talk about the necessary paper work.

She arrived at the large office building on monday morning an hour too early as she wanted to make sure that nothing would go wrong.  On top of the massive complex shimmered some large white letters which read the name of the company. As she had first read the name, she had been sure it was a mistake or some joke, but the man on the telephone had assured her that this was a respected serious science company and now she really saw the sheer size of this company even Google didn‘t find. Jane finally started to think about the fact that she had not found anything about this firm. She had shrugged it off before because she just believed it to be a small startup company but now this didn‘t make sense anymore. Was this some secret government organization? As she entered the building, she saw nothing unusual, except maybe the many gorgeous women on the front desks. They were aligned in a long line like she had only seen it in airports before but nobody waited in line. As she looked closer, each desk had a baggage conveyor belt, which she found really odd. It was like this place was made for a large amount of people but nobody was using it.

Janet approached the desk with a large „i“ printed on it. She figured this would be the information desk were she could find out where she had to go. The girl that sat behind the desk looked like every mans wet dream. Even though she sat in a char, Janet could see that she was not that big. She had red hair, that was knotted into two girly pigtails. There were freckles all over her face and she was wearing a rather unprofessional outfit. There was a very short plaid skirt on her that made her legs look quite long as everyone could see the outset of her butt. Her blouse - if you could call it that - shows so much cleavage that Jane wondered if these breasts were fake and her  makeup was thick and colorful. Janet knew these kinds of girls. They had been a pain in her ass since high school when everybody started to care less about school and more about partying. Janet on the other hand kept studying and was isolated more and more.

As the girl looked up to her, her face suddenly formed a bright smile. Janet was surprised how high and tiny her voice sounded as the girl said: „Welcome to BimboTech. What can I like do for you?“.  Janet quickly responded in a professional manner: „Hello. My name is Janet Perry. I have an appointment with Mr Campbell in about 45 minutes.“

The girl looked at her with a content silliness in her eyes and responded: „Alrighty. I will tell him that you are here. Just sit down in the waiting area. I‘ll call you when he‘s ready for you.“
Janet sat down on a sofa in a small lounge area at a large window and waited. 

Chapter 2

Cindy sat behind her desk and looked at the screens in front of her. Her work had gotten so boring lately. All she did was sit there and wait for people to come to her and ask questions, but that almost never happened. Of course there was this Janet-woman sitting in the lounge but she didn‘t really seem like someone who would admire the view that was Cindy. She had put so much work into her outfit but nobody was there to look at her. Why was she even going through this much trouble? But what if some hot guy walked in here and she didn‘t look her best? She needed to look good so badly these days. How had it come this far?

The telephone rang and Cindy picked it up. Her boss was on the other end: „Hey sweety, could you send Miss Perry up to me?“

Cindy was happy to hear a male voice. All this time alone behind this desk had been so lonely. At least there was the anticipation for the big dance that was coming up. She was told that it would be the best orgy that she would ever participate in. Every year BimboTech was holding a secret party where the richest and most powerful people of the country would show up and look at the latest BimboTech products. „Hello? Cindy? Did you hear what i said?“ Oh crap. She had totally forgotten to answer her boss. „Oh hihi.“, she giggled. „Sorry Boss. You know how distracted i get these days. I‘ll send her right to you.“ 

The woman went upstairs and came back down an hour later with a smile on her face. Cindy figured she had gotten a new work colleague, but this woman didn‘t seem to fit in with the other employes. Why had the boss chosen such a tomboy?
The phone rang again. „Cindy sweety. Would you come up here? I have something to discuss with you.“

Immediately a warmth grew in her groin. In a rush she stood up, still unused to the wobbling curves on her boobies and her booty. Finally there would be someone admiring her work and if she did good maybe - just maybe - she would get something in return. The heat in her grew stronger just thinking about the possibility of a man touching her - taking her. She wanted to be taken. She didn‘t even care who would do it.

She took the stairway to  the north wing and stepped into the elevator, which would bring her to the 38th floor, where her boss had his office. As usual there were not many people in the hallways, but Cindy knew that the laboratories were all fully occupied. She entered her boss‘s office and felt the musky scent of a man in her nose. It electrified her. Images of a cock filling her pussy entered her mind. As she sucked on her finger, she realized the boss was saying something „Hey... Cindy... Did you hear what i  just said?“ Dang! She had done it again. She giggled. „Silly me. You smell sooo good.“ She still wasn‘t used to the high voice. Everything she said sounded so stupid these days. But to be honest, she wasn‘t that smart these days either.

„Okay okay. Look...“, her boss said. „If you concentrate now and do what i tell you, i may let you give me a blowjob. But you really have to listen carefully, okay?“  Cindy got excited. She would really be allowed to give her boss a blowjob. She couldn‘t wait for it. She tried really hard to concentrate. „Do you remember Janet Perry, darling? She is going to work in one of the laboratories for the next few months.“, her boss explained. Cindy was a little bit confused. „What do you mean in the laboratory? She‘s a woman. Women can‘t work in a laboratory, because we are just dumb little fucktoys. You said so yourself.“

Her boss patted her on the head. She really liked that. „I know it is hard to understand, but i‘m not going to let her work there forever. She is going to be the face of BimboTech one day when i‘m done with her. What I need you to do is befriend her and take her to the party next week. She needs to be introduced to our product. Can you do that Cindy?“ Cindy looked at her boss with big eyes. She was almost sure she could do that. „Of course, Boss. Can i suck your cock now?“ and with that Cindys day ended with an explosion of pleasure.

Chapter 3

Lola was trying hard to concentrate. Ever since she had moved in with her dad that seemed rather tricky.  She couldn‘t quite say what it was, but somehow she was just distracted a lot easier when she was here. She was alone in this apartment most of the time, because her dad was really busy running his large company. Lola wished the two of them could spend more time together but she couldn‘t blame her dad for not being there. He had to take care of a big company and her mother had been the one who had left him some years ago. She had been unfaithful to her dad and when he found out, she kicked him out and blocked every possible contact between me and him.

A couple of weeks ago i couldn‘t take it anymore. I had been fighting with my mother much more frequently lately and the stress was getting too much for me. I moved out in the middle of the night and called dad.

He picked me up and brought me to his place, but he didn‘t seem as happy as i had thought he would be. Whenever is asked about that, he just said: „I‘m just afraid for your health darling. This is a big company and i don‘t want you wandering around. “

She thought it was really strange, that he worried so much. He hadn‘t even been there for the past ten years, since he was thrown out when she was eight. if he worried so much she was sure she would have heard of him somehow. But she hadn‘t heard anything for ten years. Now she was a grown up and ready to make her own decisions. He couldn‘t decide for her to just stay put.

The apartment they were living in was a big bright penthouse suite on top of the companies building. It had a really big terrace and a warm pool. There was also a waiter and a maid who cleaned the house and who indulged her every whim. Everything was perfect except that Lola somehow thought there was something wrong with the air in this place. It was kind of thicker than elsewhere, like there were some chemicals in there, but she didn‘t mention it to her dad. He had been worried enough about her.

As the sun went down and it was time for her to sleep, she felt it again. The air was hot, thick and something smelled funny. As she looked around in the room, Lola suddenly thought she saw something. It was like a red steam was filling the air. Curious as to where this came from, she covered herself with a shirt, put on some shoes and slowly left the apartment. She could see the red steam really clearly now. It was coming from the staircase. She followed all the way down to the 20th floor where the path she followed left the staircase and led her to a laboratory door. Slowly Lola opened the door and entered the room. Inside it was dark and Lola couldn‘t find the switch, but the red steam was still visible. She slowly fumbled around the room and suddenly shrieked as she felt something slimey on her hand. 

But it was not the fact that it was a disgusting feeling on her hand, that worried her. It was suddenly really hard to think straight. She felt a pressure in her hips and chest and then images flashed before her eyes. At first she didn‘t understand the content, but soon she realized that it was images of herself in various sexual positions. The images got brighter and brighter and soon filled out her whole mind. „What is happening to me?“, was the last clear thought, that was not aimed at her being fucked, that her young mind would ever bear. Then everything went black and Lola realized that she had been missing out on so much her entire life. She needed a cock right now. 

Chapter 4

Janet looked up at the sky. It was a starry night and the moon shone very bright. She had been working at BimboTech for one week now and everything seemed fine so far. The work she did was rather easy but she hadn‘t expected anything else for her first week. She didn‘t really know what she was doing these things for, as she hadn‘t really seen any actual products yet, but who was she to question her tasks? They were paying her enough money to not ask stupid questions. The most bugging thing about the work though was this girl - Cindy - who was nagging her all the time about having to go to some dance on the weekend. Supposedly the company was holding some large press conference once every year to show off the research progress.

Janet didn‘t like dances but she was eager to finally see what the company was actually doing, so she agreed to go. Cindy had invited Janet to her house before the party so they could get ready together.
Janet had had no chance to say no so now she had to not only go to a dance but also endure this nerving silly little redhead who giggled all the time and really was just an insult to womanhood. Janet considered herself a feminist and was disgusted by how Cindy dressed and acted.
As she knocked on Cindys door, which was actually located inside the BimboTech company building, Janet hoped that she would survive the night.

„Hellooo girlfriend“, she heard the giggly redhead say in her childish high-pitched voice. „I hope you‘re ready to have soome fu-hun. I got us some champagne.“ How much worse could this get?
„Good evening. I‘m sorry Cindy, but i‘m not drinking any alcohol. Just water for me, please.“
Janet was really trying to be polite, but it was really hard to stay calm in front of Cindy. The girl in front of her looked at her in disbelieve. Cindy was wearing a red top that was cut out all the way down to her belly button. She didn‘t  even wear a bra underneath. Her hips were covered by a black tight minidress that was barely hiding anything. It was no mystery how this girl had gotten her job and the apartment.

„Come on girlfriend. Loosen up a little bit. It‘s not every day that you get a 600 $ bottle of champagne for free. Also, this is going to be the best night of our lives so far. I‘m told the final orgy is a once in a lifetime experience.“ Had that girl just said orgy? What was that supposed to mean? Janet almost got to open her mouth to ask Cindy about her use of words when the redhead leapt to her feet and said: „Alright alright. If you want a water, i‘ll get you one, silly. More champagne for me.“ The redhead was gone for several minutes and Janet wondered if she should go check on her. Instead she made herself comfortable on the sofa. Cindys place was beautiful. The exterior wall was a full big windows and the floor was rather fancy wood. The furniture must have cost a fortune since everything looked shiny and special.

The girl finally returned. „Sowwy it took so long.“, she said. „That‘s okay. Thank you“, Janet replied as she accepted the glass of water and slowly took a sip. The water tastet really good, but somehow it made her dizzy.

„Hey... Cindy?“, Janet asked drowsily. „Did you put alcohol in my water?“. Cindy giggled and said: „No of course not silly. I just put a sip of the latest BimboTech formula in there. Now we can have some real fun, girlfriend.“
Janet howled in shock as the world around her slowly turned upside down and she finally lost conscience.

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Catherine had a boyfriend

It has been some time again, but here's a new caption series.
There may follow some more in this newly created universe.

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Can't move! (New blog)

So today i'm brining a couple of new caps. 
But to see them you'll have to visit my new (third) blog.
It's called "relattic.can't move" and as the name already says it's going to be about being transformed into anything "not living". 
I know i already have two blogs that i don't fill too frequently, but it just didn't feel like these caps fit in here. So head over there and let me know what you think! :)