Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Moving to tumblr

Since it was announced by google that all blogger blogs with sexual content will be set to private in the following weeks, we all have to find a new home for our blogs.
For me that was a pretty easy decision because most of the places I go are already on tumblr.

I used this tool to transfer all my content to my tumblr blog:
Blogger to Tumblr
I'm not sure what will happen with all the picture-links once the old blog will be gone, but i guess i'll have to look into that when it's time to deal with it. In any case I'm going to make a complete backup somehow.

So from now on you can find my blogs under the following links:

Relattic Stills

Relattic Flash

Relattic Can't Move

I will do some design and function tweaking later.

Please only use these links from now on. I hope that everyone can move or recover all the content before it's too late.

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